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Top Tips On How To Do Taper Fade Haircuts

How To Do Taper Fade Haircuts

Tips On Taper Fade Haircuts

The taper fade is a design featured in most haircuts. It is one of the easiest ways to make your hairstyle more feasible. If it is your first time, you may take up to an hour to come up with a perfect fade, but with a little more experience, it takes up to only twenty minutes. With the right tools and self-confidence, you can try out a simple fade on your own.

It does not matter if you are a student, a stylist, or a professional barber; coming up with a fade is an easy process. The following are top tips to help you come up with different types of taper fade easily in the comfort of your home.

  1. Zero Gap

This is all about the use of clippers and trimmers. A well-done fade is all about how precise and detailed it is. Before you start working on your taper fade, it is important that you adjust the blades to ensure that they are not crooked. If the blades are shifted by any chance, it results in inconsistencies, and the fade ends up not as defined as it should be.

To create the perfect fade, adjust the blades so that the moving blade is almost flush to enhance easier and close cutting. You can use a screwdriver to ensure the blades are even and balanced.

To achieve clean lines, use zero-gapped trimmers to easily come up with crispy lines that are important for a fade.

  1. Control the Clipper Blend

Most of the common mistakes men make are a result of using the wrong tools for the wrong step in the hair-cutting process. Every tool is designed uniquely for different functionality. You must always work in a c-shaped motion when using clippers.


  1. Reduce Unwanted Shadows

When doing a taper fade, it is important to make use of as much lighting as possible. This is the major reason why salons and barber shops have a lot of lighting from all angles.

Having lighting overhead may create shadows that eliminate your visual map when coming up with a fade. It is recommended to work close to a window to enhance the use of natural light, which is evenly distributed.

  1. Bald Fade Without a Straight Razor

If you prefer a bald fade, it is recommended not to use a straight razor. It is important to trim the hair pretty short before proceeding to get the fade to avoid tugging.

Using a foil shaver helps with the process since it has fast-moving oscillating blades that are required to lift the hair up and cut very close to the skin in less time.


  1. Types of Taper Fades
  • Buzz Cut With a Fade for Black Men

Getting a buzz cut with faded sides is one of the best hairstyle options for the summer. This hairstyle not only perfectly frames your face but also perfectly coordinates with a short stubble beard. The haircut is easy to achieve and does not require too much maintenance. This makes it an easy hairstyle for people who do not want to do much in the morning.

  • Rock and Roll

This is a timeless haircut choice for most men that is achieved by keeping the clean face shapes and featuring a fade on the sideburns.

You can use a trimming machine for the process and a pair of clippers; ensure that you style the sides and the back, too, while you leave the hair at the crown extended and neatly arranged into wide flat curls.

  • Wet Curls

This is a nice hairstyle to feature a fade, especially for people with curly hair. Maintaining this hairstyle is easy; you can easily pull it off in the morning, even when you are in a hurry. To create a great transition, you can work with a bald fade to create a well-defined transition between the crown and the sides.

  • Box Cut

The unique feature of this hairstyle is the square shape at the crown. This style is combined with a taper fade to make the shape more outstanding. It is most suitable for the African American hair texture.


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