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The Ultimate Guide to Instagram User Search Tools: How to Find Any IG Account in a Snap

What is an Instagram User Search Tool: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Ig Accounts

There are tons of reasons why you may want to search for Instagram profiles — from a trivial need to find the nearest auto repair shop to conducting in-depth research of your top competitors in the hairstyling niche or just looking for a user profile by contact details. This is where tools like Instagram account search come in especially handy.

Advanced User Search for Instagram

In this article, we would like to introduce you to an Instagram search engine developed by In fact, a team of vetted Instagram promotion experts.

It is a convenient web-based tool for fast Instagram user search by a number of input data. For one, it enables Instagram users to search by name and username, email address, phone number, and keywords words in the bio.

To make your search even more specific and to narrow search results, you can apply filters such as location, gender, number of posts and followers, and category.

How Does Instagram User Search Work?

Let us walk you through Inflact’s Instagram username search process step by step and explore how to find an Instagram account quickly and efficiently.

This Instagram user search is free and works online, you don’t need to register or download any apps. Just open the Instagram profile search page, enter available information in the input bar, and click the Search button.

You can specify your search with in-built filters. Let’s apply ‘Location’ and try to find nail artists, for example, in New York.

After a couple of seconds, you’ll see the results below the search window. For our criteria, the service has found 298 profiles.

What happens if we use more filters for profile lookup?

After we’ve updated the search with the Categories filter, the tool shows a different number of results — just 46 profiles.

Let’s apply the followers filter and set the number at 5k. This gives us a list of just four profiles with above 5,000 followers.

Try different filters and their combinations and use this method to search for Instagram profiles you want to learn about.

How Can Instagram User Search Help Grow an Account?

This innovative lookup service is a real catch for users seeking to step up their social media marketing strategies. It can help you to:


  • find users by specific criteria
  • find related products and services
  • find profiles in every niche
  • find profiles representing your potential clients

Here is one more actionable tip for improving your Instagram growth strategy: keep your eyes wide open, know your competitors and the best practices implemented in your industry. Inflact’s Instagram profile analyzer will provide you with valuable statistics, including an account’s number of followers, engagement rate, most liked and commented posts and most popular posting times — all in all, 13 metrics.


Instagram profile search services are irreplaceable for finding a user, product or service. Along with a straightforward approach like Instagram user search by phone number or email, these tools allow you to filter Instagram accounts according to particular keywords, usernames, number of followers and posts, or even gender and category. Leverage the smart technology and expect significant changes in your business.


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