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7 PR Trends Changing the Industry in 2023



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The need for any business or brand to have PR is not going away, if anything it’s growing as the world continues to expand and market competition expands with it. As such, your PR strategy must match the technology and lifestyle needs of your audience and stockholders. In the last few years, the world has experienced a significant reboot in the way we live and share information with the pandemic (that keeps on going), the Ukrainian and Russia war, and the looming recession of 2022, along with the growth of more and more online information. All of this has affected the world’s economy, buyer behavior, and of course, the PR industry too. Now, PR professionals have to adapt and change accordingly, and in order to do so we must look at the trends that are forecasted to ensure we stay ahead of the competition.

1. Tailored Pitching 

PR professionals must focus on hyper-targeted audiences to save time and energy. The trend of pitching all types of media with no strong content strategy will likely fade in 2023 because it is no longer providing fruitful and targeted results. Now is the time to prioritize quality over quantity. Every PR professional should focus on customized pitches related to tailored media lists and contacts. Niche marketing is the future, resulting in customer growth and brand expansion.

2. Increased Use Of Artificial Intelligence


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Among the trends changing the PR industry in 2023 will be the increased use of artificial intelligence (AI). This technology is the future and it is starting to show its face everywhere! AI tools have made it easier to perform various tasks like content writing and web analytics, identifying relevant influencers, social listening, and most importantly, using AI to monitor customer conduct. Over time, AI tools will become more efficient, and they will be able to gather customer-focused information faster than humans. Additionally, in 2023, AI tools will bring more clarity to customer choices and demands through social listening. It can enable publicists to grasp the customer’s attention more by knowing their needs and preferences and then planning PR campaigns accordingly.

3. SEO-Driven PR

With the increased use of the internet and e-commerce, search engine optimization has become the center of focus for all brands. SEO plays a vital role in PR and will become more critical in this digital world. SEO strategies like making the most of keywords and backlinks can attract organic traffic to your client’s website. You can also get related traffic to your website by using other SEO techniques, as they can improve your website’s ranking and provide a targeted audience. With Google critically monitoring all the websites, it is a competition that is challenging for all brands. If your brand is not coming up in organic searches, you are losing many customers already. So, PR professionals should improve their SEO skills, which will surely help them soon.

4. Digitalization


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Keeping your digital content up to date has become an essential element of PR nowadays. We must recognize the importance of social media in the digital marketing world. The top platform for online presence is none other than Twitter. For networking, the best platform is LinkedIn. Not only does LinkedIn help in developing networks, but it also helps in communicating with top media outlets as well as journalists for your brand updates. For e-commerce brands, Instagram and TikTok are a must as they help you share your product with the audience through videos and reels.

In 2023, PR professionals should focus on acing social media posts, networking, and analyzing which content is appropriate for which platform. The better the analysis and judgment of the publicists, the better opportunities for the brand.

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is becoming immensely popular and all PR professionals should consider it for promoting products and services on social media. Today, Instagram and TikTok are the best platforms for influencer marketing, but it will undoubtedly grow and flourish more in 2023. Any social media creator with content on a specific niche that has at least 5k-10k followers is considered a social media influencer, and their followers trust their brand recommendations. In the PR industry, their importance will increase in 2023 because reaching your targeted audience continues to more challenging through regular social media campaigns.

6. Personalized and Authentic Voices For Brands

Readers look for authenticity and originality in content. When the social media trend started, the fake news culture became common on social media platforms. But with the awareness the platforms are bringing now, readers are more conscious about everything and want to read only genuine content. So, success is more likely if PR professionals emphasizes authentic content. In addition, people want to avoid reading lengthy pitches and brand stories, as now they are attracted to short, straightforward, and punchy stories. However, engaging your target customer will become a more significant challenge in 2023 as competition continues to increase for brands. So, concise and original content will be essential.

7. Creating Personalized Media


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In the upcoming years, consumers will continue to be more responsive to customized options. Personalized online media is the future as it involves less investment and provides extraordinary results compared to offline local marketing campaigns. This trend in 2023 will become more and more popular and PR firms can help by personalizing content including infographics as well as using customized media outlets to help brands to grab their audience’s attention.

Why Should A Business Focus On These Upcoming PR Trends in 2023?

Any PR firm or professional who wants to progress in the industry should continue evolving with PR trends in 2023. For brands, success will only happen if your PR firm can start maximizing these trends to keep your brand top of mind and your ROI growing.


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